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yticks'manual' sets a manual mode, freezing the y-axis tick values at the current values. Use this option if you want to retain the current tick values when resizing the axes or adding new data to the axes. Now in previous versions of Matlab this produced ticks and numbers one to 5, and ticklabels with the nrs written out i.e. 'one' at 1, 'two' at two etc.. In the new Matlab I get the entire string i.e.. Customizing the tick values and labels along an axis can help highlight particular aspects of your data. These examples show some common customizations, such as modifying the tick value placement, changing the tick label text and formatting, and rotating the tick labels. How do I format tick labels before R2016b?. Learn more about decimal, places, xticklabel, yticklabel, ticklabel, xtick, ytick, label, precision, ticks, xticks, yticks. How do I control axis tick labels, limits, and. Learn more about axis, axes, tick, ticklabel, mode, manual, location, limit, limits, xticklabel, yticklabel MATLAB.

The size of the "B" matrix matters because when you add a very large graphics object to a plot, MATLAB automatically switches the renderer over to opengl presumably because of the better performance vs. painters or zbuffer. I need to get all values represented in a plot on Y and on X axis too. I used YTick and XTick, but there are some situations when get function doesn't get me. Is it possible to remove the XTick labels in a figure without also removing the XGrid lines? Thereby having a figure with only YTicks labels but with both X- and YGrid lines? rather than as did. I didn't test whether that may have an effect here but it definitely can if you do lookup on datenumbers in not finding a specific date that should owing to rounding in the last one or two significant bits whereas the comparisons are exact. As of MATLAB 8.5 R2015a I have not found any simpler way to do this, and it becomes quite tedious, when the figure is not that simple but still pretty common: if one has labels for the axes, one should use text for them too with appropriate placing, otherwise they could overlap.

If the axes size is changing because of a figure size change then that implies you have the Units property for the axes set to 'normalized'. To determine the new size of the axes in cm, temporarily set the axes Units to 'cm', retrieve the Position property, and set the axes Units back again.

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